• Harvest at Franklin Canyon Orange Grove

    On December 20, 2014 Food Forward and 20 volunteers came out to the Franklin Canyon Orange Grove.  Over 4000 pounds of fruit was picked.  
    Through funding from the David Bohnett Foundation and City National Bank, the Los Angeles Parks Foundation has continued to maintain the trees and provide fruit for many.  

  • Rustic Canyon Gym Floor

    Thanks to a very active fundraising campaign, the gym floors at Rustic Canyon Recreation Center are being refurbished. The community has been very enthusiastic about LAPF's Friends of the Parks Program, and as a result, several improvements have been made possible at Rustic Canyon Recreation Center. The gym floor is scheduled to be completed later this month.

  • Ferraro Fields

    LAPF has partnered with the LA84 Foundation and the Department of Recreation and Parks in the renovation of the Ferraro Fields in Griffith Park. The project will replace all seven soccer fields with synthetic turf and add amenities throughout the complex. With the refurbishment, 9.5 million gallons of water will be saved per year, and facility usage will increase from 7,360 youth to 170,960.

  • New Archery Range at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center

    Thanks to a generous donation from the Easton Sports Development Foundation II, Cheviot Hills Recreation Center  is getting a new, fully constructed archery range. LAPF is please to be working on this project which has many enthusiastic archers awaiting its opening next year.

  • Archer School Adopts Barrington Park

    The Archer School for Girls has adopted Barrington Park.  The funds from the 2014 adoption will assist in the refurbishment of the tennis courts.  The courts are complete and with Archer's support additional enhancements were made, including better fencing and more direct access to courts.  With the funds the Foundation will also be adding windscreen.

  • York & Avenue 50 Park

    LAPF is proud to announce that the foundation is a recipient of the UrbanLIFT Community Grant Program through Wells Fargo. Funds will go toward the construction of York & Avenue 50 Park which is part of the 50 Parks Initiative. York & Avenue 50 Park will be built on a former vacant lot and has been highly anticipated by the community.

  • Rustic Canyon Tennis Court Windscreens

    Rustic Canyon Recreation Center is a great example of LAPF's Friend of the Parks Program. The community has organized several fundraisers which have resulted in extensive improvements to the tennis courts. To date, 6 courts have been refurbished and most recently, new windscreens have been added. Click here to find out more about the Friends of the Parks Program.

  • Easton Archery Range

    The construction of 3 new ranges and the remodel of an existing one at the Rancho Park Archery Range is slated for the end of 2014. Through the generosity of the Easton Sports Development Foundation plans are being approved and the project will soon be underway. The current Archery Range was built for the 1984 Olympics.

  • Orange Grove

    The Department of Recreation and Parks secured a lease from the Department of Water and Power for the Franklin Canyon Orange Grove. LAPF is restoring and maintaining this orange grove which is among the oldest in California. Thanks to a generous donation from The David Bohnett Foundation, City National Bank and surrounding community members, produce will be harvested from the orange grove by volunteers and donated to local food banks.  The 2014 harvest season yielded 17,600 pounds of fruit.