LA Daily News: Environment-Boosting ‘Microforest’ Takes Root in Pacoima

Creating a new “microforest,” the Los Angeles Parks Foundation planted 12 24-inch box trees — six Tipuana tipu trees and six Quercus lobata trees — at Devonshire Arleta Park in Pacoima on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

The installation was part of the foundation’s Park Forest Initiative, which adds small forests to city parks throughout L.A. to “combat the urban heat island effect, close the climate gap, and grow the urban canopy” according to a statement from the group.

Such mini-forests help offset carbon footprints, improve air quality, cool surface temperatures and educate the public about climate change, foundation officials said Tuesday.

The foundation has installed seven other micro park forests in the area. The group hopes to plant thousands more new trees citywide, including 10 park forests a year.

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